Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter Flow Sensors

GF Signet


* Customer must determine stack height (ball valve, nipple, weldolet, etc.). Refer to Sensor Selection image to determine "A" dimension. Sensor tip must be positioned at 10% of pipe I.D.

** 1-1/4 inch process connection is the standard thread size on the 3-2552-2X-X-XX: For the 2552-3 the 1-1/2 inch process connection is standard and the 1-1/4 inch is available as a special order.

Data Sheet:
+GF+ Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter Flow Sensors - Data Sheet

Operating Range Minimum 0.05 m/s 0.15 ft/s
  Maximum pipes to DN1200 (48 in.) 10 m/s 33 ft/s
  pipes over DN1200 (48 in.) 3 m/s 10 ft/s
Pipe Size Range DN50 to DN2550 2 in. to 102 in.
Linearity ± 1% reading plus 0.1% of full scale
Repeatability ±0.5% of reading @ 25 °C
Accuracy ±2% of measured value*
*In reference conditions where the fluid is water at ambient temperature, the sensor is inserted at the correct depth and there is a fully developed flow profile which is in compliance with ISO 7145-1982 (BS 1042 section 2.2)
Minimum Conductivity 20 μs/cm
Wetted Materials
Body and Electrodes 316L stainless steel
Insulator PVDF
O-rings FPM
Cable 4-cond + shield, PVC jacket (Fixed cable models) or Water-resistant rubber cable assembly with Turck® NEMA 6P connector
Power Requirements
4 to 20 mA 24 VDC ±10%, regulated, 22.1 mA maximum
Frequency 5 to 24 VDC ±10%, regulated, 15 mA maximum
Digital (S3L) 5 to 6.5 VDC 15 mA maximum
Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protected
Cable Options
Fixed cable 7.6 m 25 ft
Detachable water tight sensor cable with Turck® connector (sold separately) two lengths: 4 m (13 ft) or 6 m (19.5 ft)
Current Output (4 to 20 mA) Programmable and Reversible
Loop Accuracy 32 μA max. error (@ 25 °C @ 24 VDC)
Temperature Drift ±1 μA per °C max.
Power Supply Rejection ±1 μA per V
Isolation Low voltage < 48 VAC/DC from electrodes and auxiliary power
Maximum Cable 300 m 1000 ft
Max. Loop Resistance 300 Ω
Error Condition 22.1 mA
Frequency Output Compatible with Signet 8550, 8900, 9900 and 9900-1BC
Max. Pull-up Voltage 30 VDC
Short Circuit Protected ≤30 V @ 0 Ω pull-up for one hour
Reverse Polarity Protected to -40 V for 1 hour
Overvoltage Protected to +40 V for 1 hour
Max. Current Sink 50 mA, current limited
Maximum Cable 300 m 1,000 ft
Digital (S3L) Output Compatible with Signet 8900 and 9900
Serial ASCII, TTL level 9600 bps
Maximum Cable Application dependent (See 8900 or 9900 manual) in non-icing conditions
Operating Temp. Ambient (non-icing conditions) -15 °C to 70 °C 5 °F to 158 °F
  Media -15 °C to 85 °C 5 °F to 185 °F
Max. Operating Pressure 20.7 bar @ 25 °C 300 psi @ 77 °F
Hot-Tap Installation Requirements
Maximum Installation Pressure 20.7 bar 300 psi
Maximum Installation Temp (Insertion/Removal) 40 °C 104 °F
Do not use hot-tap installation where temperatures will exceed 40 °C or if hazardous liquids are present.
Shipping Weights
3-2552-2X-A-11/A-12 2.50 kg 5.51 lb
3-2552-2X-B-11/B-12 2.30 kg 5.07 lb
3-2552-3X-A-11/B-11/A-12/B-12 4.00 kg 8.81 lb
Standards and Approvals
RoHS compliant, China RoHS
NEMA 4 (IP65) Fixed cable models
NEMA 6P (IP68) Submersible cable models only. Signet recommends maximum 3 m 10 ft) submersion depth for maximum 10 days continuous submersion.
Manufactured under ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety


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